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Business Resource Training Center (BRTC) is your one stop resource for getting your financial future in order. We offer relevant, informative and entertaining financial classes and workshops for all ages. In addition, we offer a broad range of CPA services to you and your business.

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Financial Classes
& Workshops

Managing money is the most important skill you need to survive in today word.  Yet how many money management classes did your high school or college offer?  None.  At BRTC we're here to fix that.  With our series of classes that progress from simple to advanced, we teach you the tools you need to gain understanding and manage your money.    
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At BRTC we offer in-house solutions for most all of your tax and financial related concerns. As an added benefit we'd like you to help direct you to the resources you may need.

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NEED OFFICE SPACE? We have two top quality suites of 1150 sq ft available. For details call John Stevens at 770.608.0578 - he'll be happy to help.


You're faced with business decisions every day. When they fall outside your core competencies, why make those decisions alone? Call in the experts at BRTC today! One call gives you instant access to seasoned professionals with years of experience in a broad range of essential accounting practices.

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More than CPA's

Consultant (from Latin: consultare, “to discuss.”) Traditional consultants come in, look at your business problems, and discuss possible solutions with you. Rarely do they provide them.  At BRTC, we bring answers and results, helping you make business decisions that ultimately lead to the growth and success of your company. What's more is that if the implementation of those decisions requires skills you lack, we’ll work alongside you until your goals are achieved. We want to be an integral part of your future and help you to achieve your financial goals!


"If it were not for Sharlene, I would be having frequent conversations with the IRS. For me, having an accountant, is as necessary as having a place to live. She has taught me how to run my business and she has done it in a way that I have understood. Her patience is wonderful. I am very glad that is not only my personal accountant but also the accountant for my business." Diana L. Woodruff, PhD
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